Using steroids to get that fantasy figure!

Enough is said and heard about the negative effects of steroids. But why are they still prevalent? This is because they do come with their fair share of positives too. The negative effects start showing mostly only in those cases when the dosage is taken wrong or when there is the lack of a proper guidance on how it works and how to actually use steroids.

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids or anabolic androgenic steroids, like the name indicates promote anabolism. Anabolism is the constructive metabolism process that promotes muscle growth. Steroids are mainly composed of testosterones and that is why they get the name androgenic steroids. These are the synthetic versions of human testosterones. In the past, when the health condition called hypogonadism caused the reduction in the testosterone production, steroids were first introduced. These were primarily to help those with delayed puberty and impotence. But later steroids have evolved and found a wide range of applications thanks to their muscle building effects.

This is one reason why there are several sports people and body builders who are known to take steroids. Not all of them who take steroids have the negative effects. The main reason here is that different bodies react differently to different types of steroids. The key is to work with an expert to find the right steroids that suit your body type and to take it ceremoniously in the right dosage.

How do steroids really work?

Once the steroids are injected in the body, the body starts reacting to them. They are broken down into smaller components. The androgen receptors in the body are designed such that they can bind only with testosterones. Once the broken steroid components with the synthetic testosterone enter the cells, the androgen receptors bind with them. Various cells react in various ways to the injected steroids, and this is how these are used to address various issues.

In the case of muscle building, these are used to impact on the normal metabolism of the body. The activation of the androgen receptors that bind with the steroid molecules causes the increase in production of protein in the body. Protein is involved in cell building. This constructive metabolism where the smaller molecules combine and form larger ones also results in the release of energy. This is where the process results in muscle growth. The skeletal muscles are those muscles that are found connected with the bones in the body. These are the muscles mainly targeted for growth. This is how steroids help you achieve that macho look. So if you have ever looked  Johnny Bravo the teenage mutant ninja turtles, they all look like they are on steroids! So to get that fantasy figure, steroids used the right way is the answer.

The positive effects of steroids:

Steroids are often linked only to the bulking traits of it. Talk steroids, the first picture we get is a body builder! But then this is not the only benefit of steroids in the body. The energy released during the anabolism is also worth mentioning. This is what gives the added boost of energy for the sports people who use them. Not just that, in the body, the stress hormones called cortisol are responsible for the breakdown of the muscle tissue. This is what causes tiredness and soreness in muscles. In the people who take steroids, the cortisol synthesized is blocked from breaking down the muscle tissue. This means that the person would not feel tired easily. This helps in tirelessly working out for long hours. This is why some use steroids for their practice sessions. There are other benefits as well-

Stronger muscles:

Muscles not just grow and bulk up, they also become stronger. Increasing the muscle strength is the main benefit of performance enhancement drugs. People who take steroids or performance enhancement drugs are seen to show better strength at cycling and bench press during their work outs. This is because of the increased muscle strength. Roughly within 12 weeks of starting steroids, these results starts showing. Right from the 3rd week a marked change in the muscle strength has been observed in most cases. This is how quick these react in the body.

Bulking up:

The size of the body of those who consume steroids increases a great deal. The change is seen I the biceps as well as in the body weight on the whole. The overall circumference of the quadriceps is also seen to increase. This is the effect of these drugs that is used by the body builders to bulk up and receive that macho figure.

Better healing capacity:

Recovery rates in the cases of any injury and illness a well as thermal injuries is seen to be noticeably quicker. By increasing the body mass, the steroids also help in gaining back the lost body weight and also promote stronger muscles that also heal faster. This is the recent observation seen in several people taking steroids.

Therapeutic uses of steroids:

There have been medicinal benefits of steroids linked to several therapeutic applications. It was designed as a therapeutic combination after all! Respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and the others are seen to have better recovery speeds with the help of steroids. This is why mild dosages of steroids are included in medicines used to treat respiratory conditions. But the dosages are often short and light. Inhaled steroids are suggested in this case as they are also known to have milder side effects than the other forms.

In the case of bronchitis, the main issue is to reduce the inflammation of the bronchial tube’s mucous membrane. To reduce the inflammation, nebulizers are used. This will help in the dilation of the bronchial tubes. But to treat the inflammation of the membrane, in acute cases, short spells of steroid inhalations are prescribed.

Thus we see that steroids have their own share of positives. There are various types of steroids of various combinations. The education and awareness of the right type of steroid to use for a particular purpose and the right dosage is crucial. This should help the person take steroids within safe limits and reap its benefits.